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Debt Elimination

Visit our IYD store for excellent products to help you eliminate credit card debt in 1-3 years and pay off your 30-year mortgage in another 4-5 years.

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You can use our ADE Needs Analysis Debt Calculator to enter you list of debts and find out how quickly you can get out of debt without harming your credit score.       

Click here to use the free calculator.

Who are you?

IYD Inc. has been in business since 1998 and is located in Austin Texas and Jeannette Pa. We are an education company focusing on debt elimination seminars and coaching programs.   [More]

What is the Automatic Debt E-Racer (ADE) process?

Before I tell you what it is; let me first tell you what it is not. It's not Debt Settlement, Debt Management, Debt Negotiation or Debt Consolidation. It's not a consolidation loan, new mortgage or a HELOC Program or a loan of any kind. It is a comprehensive, systematic, strategic financial plan for improving and/or increasing cash flow and ultimately eliminating debt.  [More]

Can the ADE process eliminate mortgages too?

Yes, any and all debts. The ADE process works on both Secured Debt (i.e. Mortgages, Student Loans or a Vehicle Loans) and Unsecured Debt (i.e. Credit Cards, Medical Bills, and etc.)   [More]

Is there a minimum amount of debt that I must be in, in order to use the ADE process?

No, you can eliminate a $100 or a million dollars or more. It's up to you, however, the best way to determine that is to accept our no obligation, complimentary ADE financial analysis so we can see where you are and if the ADE process will work for you.

Can the ADE process eliminate business debt too?

Yes, it can eliminate any debt; even our countries $16 trillion dollar national debt.

Is the ADE process like Consumer Credit Counseling, Debt Consolidations, Negotiation or Settlement?

No, but it can be used to complement these program.  [More]

Do I have to stop using my credit cards?

No! We do not think debt is necessarily evil.  [More]

Who determines the amount of Spend Smart Factor, the extra money invested in your debt?

You do. [More]

What if I cannot afford the ADE process?

The creditors pay for the ADE process, how can you not afford it?  [More]

Will the ADE process help me get a loan?

We are not a mortgage or finance company, we do not sell mutual funds or insurance; we are strictly an educational company, so the direct answer is no. However, it will help. [More]

How do you reduce my interest rates?

We ask. [More]

If I do not have a good credit score, how do you reduce my interest rates?

Easily. [More]

How do the Creditors pay for the ADE process?

Reluctantly! Just joking! Actually, the creditors love ADE . They are getting their money on time, every month. We are so far in the background that they don't even know we are in the picture!  [More]

Can't I do this myself?

The question is not a matter of can you do it yourself. The real question is; will you do it yourself? It is not about discipline, everyone has some discipline. It's about having the time, the energy, the desire and most importantly, the focus to manage the process month in and month out for the next few years? ADE is just like losing weight, except the ADE process will do all the exercises for you, eat the right food for you; but you are the one losing all the weight! Or in case of the ADE process, you lose the debt.   [More]

Does the ADE process pay my bills?

No, it is not a bill payment service, but we make sure your bills are never paid late.  [More]

Is the ADE process a bill payment service?

No, it is not a bill payment service, but it does facilitate the automatic payment of your debt. It's a service that manages ones liabilities in such a way that their debt is eliminated for sure! Just like a financial planner manages assets.  [More]

You can use our ADE Needs Analysis Debt Calculator to enter you list of debts and find out how quickly you can get out of debt without harming your credit score.       

Click here to use the free calculator.









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