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Debt Elimination

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Who are you?

We created the ADE process to gives folks the support and tools they need to combat the creditors, and it is a real war; consumers are in a war to keep some money for themselves and most Americans are losing battle, after battle. We need all the ammunition we can get to fight these battles and the ADE process is the one, and only thing, that works for everyone and insures that they will win, not just a few battles, but the entire war. Our BBB Report shows that we have never had a complaint. We do not believe in customer satisfaction; it's "customer delight" and nothing less. More than 90% of the people who started the ADE process have completed, or are in the process of completing, their debt elimination plan. The ones that are still on the program are watching their debt just melt away. It's a great feeling to look at your ADE Progress Report and see the gains you are making. It gives one a sense of real control, satisfaction and self worth.  

What is the Automatic Debt E-Racer (ADE) process?

The ADE process prioritizes your existing debt then, using our Critical Path, Linear Math System, automatically pays off your debts with the income you already earn; it dramatically reduces interest charges, monthly payments, and helps improve your credit (FICO) score.

It starts with analyzing spending habits, focusing on reducing interest rates and monthly payments and then follows a very precise mathematical process to rapidly eliminate debt; using significantly less of your money and usually eliminating the debt in one third the time.

It works best for people with good credit, but when other Banker Hardship tactics, are incorporated into the ADE process it can also help credit, or cash flow challenged individuals.

With the ADE process, everything is automated just like a 401K program.

Picture the following. The Automatic Debt E-Racer process is a very tall, sturdy three legged stool that will help you achieve True Financial Freedom. On top of the stool is your debt; and without each of the three legs being sturdy and strong, your debts will come tumbling down on you. If any one leg is missing or weak, there is a very high probability that you will eventually have a financial disaster. However with the ADE approach the legs can be made very strong and flexible and you can avoid this potential disaster and get on the road to True Financial Freedom.
The Spend Smart Educational tools and material is leg one of your stool. It is strong and flexible and will allow you to manage your everyday spending to your advantage and not the creditors.

Leg two is the Interest Rate and Monthly Payment Reduction process. It too is very strong, flexible and ready to dramatically lower your interest rates. .

The third leg is the strongest, most flexible; and is slightly longer than the other two legs. It is the Linear Math, Critical Path Methodology that will totally and completely wipe out all your debts in record time. It is powered by our proprietary, ADE Software. We created this software and we do not sell it. However, it is used to proper prioritize your debts and completely automate the ADE process. This sophisticated software uses complex algorithms to prioritize your debt in an order that rapidly erases all your debts in record time while optimizing your situation and not your creditors' pockets. This powerful third leg is slightly longer than the other two legs, so it can gently, but firmly allow your consumer debts, car loans, student loans and even your 30 year mortgage to just slide off the top of the stool and into oblivion.

The Automatic Debt E-Racer process has all three legs working together to eliminate your debts. If you are missing any one leg, the stool will topple over and your debt will eventually
crush you.  

Can the ADE process eliminate mortgages too?

ADE uses a simple, but powerful, Linear Math, Critical Path process that quickly melts away all your debts. All your consumer debts, credit cards, car payments, student loans, and etc., are paid off in as little as 1 to 3 years; and then your 30 YEAR MORTGAGE is paid off in another 4 to 5 years? You truly save tens of thousands of dollars in interest costs that you are now contractually obligated to pay to your creditors. With the ADE process, your average Effective Interest Rate is cut in half, some as low as 2.5%. All this is done with your current income! No second job or living like a hermit in the Himalayas. Just True
Financial Freedom and Peace of Mind.

Is the ADE process like Consumer Credit Counseling, Debt Consolidations, Negotiation or Settlement?

No! Consumer Credit Counseling, Debt Consolidation, Negotiation and Settlement programs focus only on unsecured debt. The ADE process eliminates any and all debts. However, a person needs to be "right side up" in order to use the ADE process. Other words, they need to have more money coming in, than going out. For people that are experiencing a financial hardship they need to reduce their monthly payments in order to survive.

When your interest rates or debt amount is lowered as a result of one of the Banker Hardship programs, your monthly payments are also lowered. Now ADE can be used to pay off all your remaining creditors.

The ADE process can even be used with folks who have filed bankruptcy; Chapter 7 or 13. Most people have some debt left over after bankruptcy. And the ADE process is an ideal way to get rid of any remaining debt.

Do I have to stop using my credit cards?

No! We do not expect people to pay cash for their first house or deprive their children of a college education because they may need a student loan. Don't frivolously get into debt, but use debt when appropriate and use the ADE process to pay it off rapidly.

How can you rent a car, or reserve a hotel room without a credit card? Use credit cards prudently and they are great tools. If you have 18 credit cards you may want to get rid of 15 or 16 of them. Two or three is probably enough. Don't close them out; that will have a negative impact on your credit score. Don't cut them up; you may need one for an emergency. Here is what we recommend. Put them into a glass of water; put the glass of water in the back of your freezer. Now you know they are there in case you need one; and you will be able to sleep well at night. But, you will need to have a melt down in your life, before you can use them.

Use them foolishly and they lead to ruin. The ADE process will show you how to use credit cards to spend smartly. 

Who determines the amount of Spend Smar Factor, which is the extra money invested in your debt?

We teach you how to spend smarter, improve your credit score, and reduce your interest rates and monthly payments in order to help you find extra money to invest in your debt. However, you make the final decision. We normally start out at $25 and build from there. 

What if I cannot afford ADE?

For more information go to the question below: How do the Creditors to pay for the ADE process? 

Will the ADE process help me get a loan?

Because your debt to income ratio and your high credit card balances will be lowered your credit score will be improving and your ability to get a good low interest loan of any kind will be improved; car loans, business loan, etc.

The ADE process also works well with HELOC, regular second mortgages, 401K loan or any other techniques to convert high interest rate debt to lower interest rates.

How do you reduce my interest rates?

If you have high credit card interest rates and a good credit score, we can use the Bankers Reward program to lower interest rate and reduce monthly payments.

Also, the mathematical nature of the ADE process cuts the cost of interest almost in half and that effectively reduces the overall interest rate by almost 50%.

So the result of both efforts is about a 50% reduction in the effective interest rate that one is experiencing due to ADE . Your monthly payments are also significantly reduced.

Finally your FICO Score is improved because your debt to income ratio is better.

If I do not have a good credit score, how do you reduce my interest rates?

If you have high credit card interest rates and a poor credit score, we use the Bankers Hardship Program, and to lower interest rate and reduce monthly payments.

Also, the mathematical nature of ADE cuts the cost of interest almost in half and that effectively reduces the overall interest rate by almost 50%.

So the result of both efforts is about a 50% reduction in the effective interest rate that one is experiencing due to the ADE process. Your monthly payments are also reduced dramatically. 

How do the Creditors pay for ADE?

Reluctantly! Just joking! Actually, the creditors love ADE and don't mind paying for it. They are getting paid on time and do not need to chase people for payment. It very difficult to show without getting into the actual mathematics of the program. The best way to answer this question is by having us do a needs analysis based on your debt numbers. Suffice to say, it is real money that comes out of the pockets of the creditors and not your pocket.

Can't I do this myself?

Don't you have something more important to do with your time, other than chase your creditors? How about your family, your children, your career, your life! Do you really have the time, the energy and the desire to stay focused and on track for the next few years in order to accomplish this monumental feat? If you think you can; then you win; if you can't, then the creditors win ----- YOUR MONEY. It's a gamble that I would not take.

Or do I have more important or interesting things I would like to do with my life, other than becoming the Wall Street Wizard of Debt Elimination. You will find that your financial situation will not stay static over the next few years and you will appreciate having a mentor that is very familiar with your situation.

I have personally taught over 100,000 people in the past 20 years. The vast majority of these folks have good intentions, expect to be successful, but shortly after starting their ";do it yourself" approach, they fall off the wagon; a few get back on and try again, and again, and ------ again. It's difficult. As your Spend Smart Factor gets bigger and bigger you find other places to spend that money vs investing it in your debt. It's almost impossible to stay focused for five or ten years without having an automatic process and a mentor helping you stay ontrack. I have a hard time staying focused long enough to finish a good novel, no less a life changing endeavor like eliminating ones debt.

However, it is easy to succumb and just give your money to the creditors. Don't do it!!

For more information go to the question above: How do the Creditors to pay for ADE? 

Does the ADE process pay my bills? No! Money always stays in your checking account and goes directly from you to your creditors.

For more information go to the question below: Is the ADE process a bill payment service? 

Is ADE a bill payment service?

Looking at the ADE process as a bill payment service is like saying that a financial planner is just a stock buyer. Buying stock is just a means to an end. And that end, is building net worth, by growing assets. However, the financial planner does a whole lot more than buy stocks.

Your ADE mentor does a whole lot more than pay bills. We actually turn the tables on the banks and use the banking computer systems to pay your bills. Let me emphasize, we are not a bill payment service. Your checking account pays your bills; we just facilitate the process and set it up in such away you will never, ever, have another
late fee charge.

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