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Why would you want a 10-year Mortgage

Buying a home is a major decision, but having no mortgage is the wisest and most enjoyable decision.

What would your life be like if you did not have a mortgage payment; more money in your pocket; less stress in your life; a higher quality life with more financial security for you and your family?

If you think you own your home, skip a mortgage payment; you will quickly find out who really owns your home. Recently this catastrophic event happened to many families. Would you be happier if you owned the roof over your head? Of course, you would.

But you ask; how can I have a house, without having a mortgage? Very difficult, but not impossible. However, you can easily convert to a fixed 10-year mortgage and own the roof over your head years sooner.

Would you like a 10-year mortgage?

  • without refinancing your current mortgage

  • without talking to a banker or a mortgage broker

  • with the same or a reduced monthly payment

  • with the same or a lower interest rate

  • with no income verification

  • with no credit check

  • and without any closing costs

I can provide you with a fixed 10-year mortgage:

  • without refinancing your current mortgage

  • even if you recently received a new mortgage

  • even if you recently refinanced your mortgage to a better rate

  • even if you have low income

  • and even if you have bad credit

This is not a bi-weekly or by bi-monthly mortgage!

I know this sounds to good to be true, but we have been in business since 1998 and have an impeccable A+ BBB rating to substantiate our claims. I am a Professional Speaker and Author. I don not sell mortgages, or mutual funds; I am not a financial planner; I am strictly an educator.

If you would like me to convert you to a 10-year mortgage with no out of pocket cost to you, call me, Dave Ireland at 512 447 1990 or 888 913 8786 and I will answer your questions and show you how to do it.

No cost or obligation to see if you qualify!


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