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--IYD Seminar Student


"The information was life-saving and the instructor was wonderful.  He's motivating because he believes in what he's sharing and he has such a caring attitude."  --Julie Ross

"The best workshop I have ever taken!"  --Luis Alfonzo

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  Join the MissionBecoming an IYD Seminar Leader and/or ADE® Analyst

At Invest In Your Debt, we are truly committed to our mission to get the planet debt free one person at a time.  Are you interested in becoming an IYD Seminar Leader and/or ADE Analyst to help us with our mission?  We are searching for people that want to make it their own mission to expose everyone to this life changing information.  To become an IYD Seminar Leader and/or ADE® Analyst, you need to purchase your Seminar Leader Training Program (SLTP) and follow the training guide.  You will have unlimited access to one of our Senior Seminar leaders who will serve as your mentor.   This program includes and provides you with all the information, tools, personal mentoring and support that will make you a successful IYD Seminar Leader and/or ADE® Analyst.

Seminar Leader Training Program (SLTP) Cost Mentoring and Support
65 page Seminar Leader Training Guide     
PowerPoint Presentation                            Co-Authorship of the Invest In Your Debt Textbook                                            
Full Access to the Invest In Your Debt and Spend Smart Webclasses conducted by Dave Ireland
Over $1000 of Products to sell or distribute in Your IYD Seminar which include:
  • 1 Case IYD Textbooks (22 Textbooks)
  • 1 Box IYD Workbooks (30 Workbooks)
  • 10 Spend Smart Textbooks                               

Ibuzzpro Software                                     GatherPlace Software                                First year's licensing fee for the ADE Analyst Software and Training





  As soon as you get your SLTP, you will have everything that you need in order to go out and do your first seminar and earn money immediately.  You will also have your name on the front of the textbook as a co-author of "Invest In Your Debt".

If you prefer to be an ADE® Anlalyst alone and do one-on-one consulting, the cost includes the first year's licensing fee for your own ADE® Software to do Student Analyses and produce ADE® Reports with unlimited upgrades at no extra charge.  This includes the lead generating Ibuzzpro Software and the ability to invite people into your computer with the GatherPlace Software.  Also you will receive personal training from Dave Ireland.

If you would like more information about how to become an IYD Professional Seminar Leader and/or ADE® Analyst, please call us at 888.913.8786 or click the e-mail button below.


With the SLTP you will receive individual one-on-one Personal Mentoring with one of our Senior Trainers.  Next, we have an Open Forum Conference Call every Friday at 12:00 EST.  All of these calls are for you to ask questions and hear how different Professional Seminar Leaders and ADE® Anlalyst are handling their seminars and students.  It's a great way for all the Professional Seminar Leaders and ADE® Analysts across the country to share ideas and help each other become successful.

And there is NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE for the mentoring and the Open Forum Conference call.  This is all provided by IYD, Inc. in order to make you a truly confident Seminar Leader and ADE® Analyst.



Enhance Your Business
IYD offers training and tools to create an additional income stream perfect for certified financial planners, realtors, CPAs, lawyers, mortgage brokers or any other practice with a built-in client base.
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Access the IYD Debt Calculator, free for life, with the purchase of the Invest In Your Debt Textbook
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