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We are Grateful
There are so many people around the country that we work with to change people's lives.  To meet some of the people that have brought so much to our mission, please visit the Seminar Leaders page. 

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Message from CEO 

Dave Ireland

Hello, this is Dave Ireland CEO and President of IYD Inc. writing to you.

I want to personally thank you for visiting our website.  We are very excited about the new website, the educational material presented and our Mission to Eliminate all the Debt on Planet Earth; and we wish to share this excitement with you.  I want to publicly thank Keith Phildius, Regional Vice President and Director of Internet Marketing for developing our website.  Keith lives in Dallas and does seminars for us in the Texas area.  He has been with us since 1996.  Keith and I think you will find the web site to be a valuable resource on your quest for True Financial Freedom.

Our Philosophy

Since you are visiting our web site, then you are obviously interested in eliminating your debt and that is the first step toward True Financial Freedom.  If you have read the book, The Millionaire Next Door by Bill Danko and Tom Stanley, then you know that the real millionaires in our society do not have any debt -- they own their own cars, their own homes and their own lives.  What a concept!  And that is exactly what  IYD Inc. wants for you.  We provide you with the knowledge, the tools, the Coaching Programs and, if necessary, the discipline to achieve your financial goals.  However, after you read the Invest in Your Debt textbook you will realize that our approach is a bit contrarian in nature. We do not sell insurance, mutual funds or any “get rich schemes.” We are strictly educators/coaches who help people achieve their financial goals by teaching them the "unconven- tional financial wisdom” that allows them to eliminate all their debts, thereby removing the largest impediment standing between them and True Financial Freedom. We believe that most people can do this themselves. It’s a “do it yourself” approach geared toward middle class folks making between $12,000 and $200,000 wondering where their “Financial Dreams” went. They do not have major debt problems, but they do have a Great Debt Opportunity. And that is the Opportunity to turn all their Debt into Real Wealth for themselves, in place of the creditors.

Most people spend between 20 and 50 percent of their pay check on debt --- car payments credit cards, mortgages, and etc. How much do you waste on debt?  Most of us could give ourselves a substantial pay raise just by eliminating our debt and it is easy to do, if and only if, we have the right knowledge and tools. Government studies have shown that 96% of us never achieve financial freedom; we are always living from paycheck to paycheck. Conventional wisdom has failed miserably at this. However, IYD wisdom has rescued tens of thousands from the perils of debt and put them on the road to True Financial Freedom.

Here’s the simple 3 step process:

1.      Learn to Spend Smarter and gain control of your finances so that you can have extra money left over each month to invest in your debt.

2.      Develop a systematic plan to eliminate your debt.

3.      Once you eliminate your debt, use the money you were wasting on debt to build real wealth and achieve True Financial Freedom.

Knowledge and Tools

Obviously this is easier said, than done, especially if you do not have the knowledge or tools necessary to be successful; and most of us don’t. However, IYD Inc. has put together the best kept financial secrets that our grandparents knew and successfully used. Our fully integrated process has the Textbooks and “live” or “on-line” Seminars that give you the knowledge and the systematic plan that you need to successfully learn to Spend Smarter and Eliminate your Debt in a timely manner. The free IYD Debt Calculator and provides you with the tool to make the process easy and fun to do. I know that the “getting into debt part” was fun, so we want you to enjoy getting out of debt. We even teach you to celebrate as you are getting out of debt; take time to “smell the roses.” This is a fully integrated process, designed for real people that is guaranteed to work for anyone who diligently applies it, no matter what their situation. All our products and services are guaranteed by a money back refund if you are not satisfied.

IYD Inc. is an educational company, and through our trained staff of independent Seminar Leaders, we do thousands of seminars across the country in Community College Adult Education Classes, Corporations and Churches. For folks who can not attend a live seminar, we have on this website the on-line “Invest in Your Debt Seminar” that makes it convenient and easy for you to take at anytime. The textbooks written by myself and our trained Seminar Leaders are easy to understand and make the Linear Math, Variable Path and our Spend Smart concepts easy to grasp. In our textbook and seminars, we teach the manual techniques but all our students are also given free access to our IYD Debt Calculator with the purchase of our IYD textbook.  This is an invaluable tool that makes it fast and easy to do the calculations and allows for “what if” questions to be easily answered. As a student of Invest In Your Debt you are also entitled to send e-mail questions that will be answered by us.

Services and Support

The Coaching Services provide you with the assistance, dedication and discipline to make it happen for you. And you get to choose what level of support you deem appropriate for your needs; from the knowledge in the textbooks to the complete Automatic Debt Elimination® Process that provides the highest level of service, and any, and everything, in between.

Finally, IYD Inc also provides you with free unlimited E-Mail Questions that you may use at any time. Margie Hudson is our Senior Administer and Public Relations person handling all these day to day operations and questions. If you have reason to talk with Margie you will discover the true meaning of the term, “Customer Delight.” She lives in North Huntingdon. PA. and has been with us since 1999 and is a delight to work with.

My Mission

I’m from the corporate world and did a 27 year career at Eastman Kodak Company, retiring in 1992. I hold undergraduate degrees in Electrical Engineering, Business Administration and a Masters in Accounting from the Rochester Institute of Technology. During my career at Kodak I ran numerous departments in engineering, training and finance. During my formal educational period and my career at Kodak I never learned any thing about personal finance. When I retired from Kodak I was a quarter of a million dollars in debt, with $70,000 of that being credit card debt. I was wondering what happened to the “American Dream.” So at 48 years old I decided to eliminate all my debt and that grew into the bigger mission to eliminate all the debt on Planet Earth, A really big job. But that’s ok, I still have 57 years left and I’m having the “time of my life” fulfilling this mission. I have surrounded myself with wonderful people and I still do about 50 seminars a year along with my CEO responsibilities. Like Buckminster Fuller, I truly believe that with the right help, one person can make a difference; and we, at IYD Inc., are proving it.

With our key corporate players in Pennsylvania and Texas, you may be wondering where IYD Inc. is located. I like to think of us as a true “Cyberspace Company” with roots on Planet Earth. However, we have our main operations in North Huntingdon, PA and you are invited to visit us at anytime. Margie will show you what true customer delight” is all about.

You can call and/or visit Keith or myself at anytime, however we do most of our coaching services over the phone and in ”cyberspace.”  I live in Austin Texas, but most people don’t believe me since I’m doing seminars on the road most of the time. Check our schedules on this website; you are more than welcome to visit us at a live seminar sometime. Also, if you would like to become a Seminar Leader and join us on our mission to eliminate all the debt on Planet Earth, visit the Career Opportunity or the Affiliate program pages on this website.

Let me leave you with one final thought. Jim Quinn, founder of Lifestream and previous mentor, once reminded me, "If you do what you always done, you will get what you always got." Do you like what conventional wisdom is giving you? If not, get out of the box and try something different; Like IYD Wisdom!!

I hope this gives you an idea about who we are; what we do; and why we do it. However if you have any questions or concerns about us, please contact us at 888.913.8786.


Dave Ireland  President, CEO

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