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Debt Elimination

Visit our IYD store for excellent products to help you eliminate credit card debt in 1-3 years and pay off your 30-year mortgage in another 4-5 years.

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Why This Program Blows Away the Competition!

There are hundreds of Debt Settlement companies out there. Any one of them will gladly charge you up to $5,000 to negotiate with your creditors.


I should know. I used to be Vice-President of Operations for one of the biggest and the best. I've helped people save more than $40 million off their debt balances. Even with those steep fees, people who followed the program came out ahead of the game because of the overall savings achieved.


But why pay those big fees when you can just do it yourself? All you really need is two things:


1. The RIGHT Information

2. Follow-Up Personal Coaching via Telephone and Email


Here's the bottom line: At the ridiculously low price of $199, the Debt Elimination Success Seminar™ is the MOST AFFORDABLE do-it-yourself debt solution available, period.


So how can I make that claim when other sites sell do-it-yourself e-books about debt settlement for $50, $20, even as low as $10?


Simple. Three words that make all the difference in the world:




Forget the e-books. Most of them are just designed to get you interested enough in debt settlement to hire a third-party company. Either that, or they are padded out with the text of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which you can get for free online anyway.


The e-books will only give you enough information to get started. What happens when problems come up that aren't covered in the written material? Well, then you're stuck, and you're totally on your own.


Do you think an e-book publisher will provide you with personal coaching, a free telephone consultation, and unlimited e-mail support? No way.


Listen carefully, please! The follow-up support is THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SUCCESS AND FAILURE when attempting to settle your own debt accounts.


People buy these e-books, try some of the techniques, then stumble and fail. Don't you think major creditors are prepared for amateur do-it-yourself debt negotiators? Of course they are. With no way to obtain follow-up advice that is PERSONAL TO YOUR SPECIFIC SITUATION, you're just wasting your money.


With my Debt Elimination Success Seminar™, you will first receive a very thorough and comprehensive education in how to negotiate your own debts.


After you've listened to the seminar, you'll be entitled to a FREE telephone consulation with me personally. And then you will be able to email me anytime within 12 months from date of purchase for advice or information on any situations that come up while you're trying to work things out with your creditors.


The e-books will present you with a fantasy. Buy this e-book, get on the phone, and settle your own accounts. But your debts are in the REAL WORLD. And your creditors are in the REAL WORLD. Things don't work that way in the real world. If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it. But there are countless reasons why things might not work out the way the books say they will.


Even in my comprehensive seminar, I can't possibly cover every single situation that will come up. Isn't it great to know that you can just email me anytime for follow-up advice?


Remember, I'm not talking about auto-responders, generic ezine stuff, or "updates" that may or may not have anything to do with your situation. I'm talking about ACTUAL, GENUINE, PERSONAL email support, from me to you, one on one.


In fact, the only reason I do this by email instead of telephone is because I'm a real talker. If you get me on the phone, I'm likely to bend your ear for an hour or more, because I love helping people with debt problems. But I can also type real fast. So I can knock out emails left and right and keep them to a reasonable length.


So I can help more people this way. Still, it's important for some telephone contact to take place. That's why I throw in a BONUS FREE TELEPHONE CONSULTATION when you're ready for it.


My friend, if you are serious about getting out of debt, YOU WILL NOT FIND ANOTHER OFFER LIKE THIS ANYWHERE ELSE ON THE INTERNET.


I realize you don't know me yet, but to prove I'm serious, I offer the seminar with an Ironclad 365-Day Moneyback Guarantee. If at any time within one full year from your date of purchase, you are unsatisfied with the material, information, or techniques presented in my seminar, simply return it and I will refund your full purchase price (excluding shipping & handling), with no hassles.


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Let's take a closer look at your debt settlement options:





Typical Debt Settlement Company

E-Book on Debt Settlement

Debt Elimination Success Seminar™





Full DIY Info




Telephone Consultation




Unlimited Email Support

Depends on company



Personal Advice




Creditor Backlash




Risk of Lawsuits




Customer Service




Free Credit Repair Info




Upsell Attempts













$3,000 to $5,000

$10 to $50 + whatever they are really trying

to sell you




As you can see, the Debt Elimination Success Seminar beats the competition hands down! You get full disclosure on how to settle your own accounts, a free telephone consultation, personalized advice via unlimited email support, great customer service, and free information on credit repair, all for just $199. What you won't get is an attempt to "upsell" you later to an expensive debt service program, and you won't get the creditor backlash experienced by many customers of full-service debt companies


You have nothing to lose except that mountain of debt!


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