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Because You Are Different


You Know Success Takes Work

There are no Quick Fixes


Credit Counseling

Credit Negotiating

Debt Settlement

are not for you.


Bankruptcy is not in your Vocabulary.


You work on every area of your life and now you're ready to work on debt elimination through education, not just debt management.


The Debtwork System uses a one a kind Red-to-Green Light system that will guide you to:

  • Create a Financial Mission Statement
  • Wake Up to Your Financial Reality
  • Get Educated on how to achieve total Debt Elimination
  • Locate Money For Your Debt Investment
  • Get Financially Organized
  • Create a Debt Investment Account
  • Develop Your Personal Debt Elimination Blueprint
  • Track Your Progress with the Debtwork Software

With the Debtwork System, you will be able to:

  • Eliminate Credit Card Debt, Car Loans, Home Equity Loans and Even Student Loans - in Just 1-3 Years!
  • Then Pay Off Your 30-year mortgage in another 4-5 Years!!
  • Live 100% on a Cash Basis, even when financial surprises occur, and Never Need credit again.
  • Cut Your Effective Interest Rates In Half.
  • Reduce Your Financial Stress
  • Have More Time for Yourself and Your Family
  • Begin Your Journey of Financial Continuing Education
  • Lay the Foundation for Your Strong Retirement Plan
  • You can get started working your Debtworking Plan right now!

What Do I Get in the Debtwork System Package?

  • The One of a kind Red-to-Green Light Debtwork Software that Works on PC or Mac
  • The Debtwork Textbook "Invest In Your Debt" by Award Winning National Speaker, and Author Dave Ireland
  • One Hour Visual/Audio Educational Presentation "Don't Let Your Debt Stop You"
  • Access to the Audio Education files so you can burn them to CD or load on your Ipod to listen to them anywhere
  • Access to the Audio Presentation with Bryan Dodge, Keith Phildius and Frank Massine: "Working On Your Debt Matters"

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