If you dare to read on

If you dare to open your mind to denying “Conventional Wisdom”, then we guarantee to provide you the tool to regain Ownership of Your Life!

The Great American Debt Opportunity is waiting for YOU, and it is right at your feet, waiting to be seized. You are interested in a financial opportunity, aren’t you?

If you are like many people out there you probably have been thinking that you have missed out on financial opportunities altogether; or that you wouldn’t know where to begin to look for even one such opportunity. You may have thought that even if you did find such an opportunity it would be wasted because you don’t have the time, money or knowledge to make a go of it.

Many people feel they missed an opportunity with the tremendous stock market growth over the past number of years. A lot of people made a lot of money on that growth, and a lot of people lost a lot of money at the same time. And, for sure, many more felt that “if only this or if only that” they too could have reaped some great rewards from that bull market. Did you get “your share” of that stock market growth or do you feel like that bull market passed you by and just benefited everyone else? Either way, relax. The great American debt opportunity is still within your grasp.

We call our book, Invest in Your Debt because it teaches you how to build real wealth and achieve true financial freedom by treating your debt as an investment. An investment that is nothing more than the greatest financial opportunity that ever existed for the vast majority of people who have any kind of debt. The purpose of this 192 page textbook is to show you…

Your debt is actually a financial opportunity waiting to happen!

“Invest in Your Debt” (IYD) is your opportunity to RECLAIM the money currently going out the door to make payments for your cars, student loans, medical, credit cards, home equity or mortgage loans.

The opportunity of IYD is to take the money you’ve been giving to your creditors and find a better use for it.

“Invest in Your Debt” can do what we say. However, with something as important as your future security and your financial well being at stake, you shouldn’t just take our word for it. Read what a past student and reader of Invest in your Debt has to say about the information she received and how it showed her how to easily obtain her Financial Freedom.


Debt Free And Going to Retire

“Five years ago, I was financially illiterate. My parents had just reached retirement age, and for the first time in my life I started to think about what I would do at retirement…At the time, I was thirty-two years old, and like many people of my generation, I had gotten a good education, but had been taught no practical financial skills for living.

...I wasn’t hoping for much when I wandered into Dave Ireland’s class on debt elimination. Was I in for the shock of my life! I was riveted! Not only was Dave’s seminar both interesting and fun, I could feel in my gut that he was speaking the truth! Everything he said made perfect sense...

I immediately implemented the principles of debt elimination taught in the “Invest in Your Debt” textbook and eliminated all my debts within three years. I now own, free and clear, my own gorgeous 2,356 square foot home, complete with pool & spa, a Jeep Grand Cherokee (that I purchased used, with cash) and My Life! Since I am no longer wasting money on debt, I have had money to invest in the stock market for long term growth and a rental property I own. I plan to retire this year, quite comfortably, at age 37, with no bills except a little gas in my jeep, auto insurance, and some groceries and utilities. I take vacations when I want….I can afford nice clothes and entertainment. I have true Financial Freedom – all thanks to the “Invest in Your Debt” education on debt elimination given to me five years ago!”

                                                                                             Aimee K

The authors of the “Invest in Your Debt” textbook did an exhaustive study of the typical American family and have presented their findings in the book. To summarize:

·              Earns $4266 per month

·              Debt $169,341 --- credit cards, car   payments, student loans, mortgages

·              Use 46% of there monthly gross income to satisfy their creditors

·              Will pay back over $345,332 to satisfy their debt

·              Have 28 year, 1 month left on their mortgage
30 plus years left on their credit cards, and so do you

Read Page 96; find out what the Credit Card companies don’t want you to know.

Financial Planners are urging American families to invest 10% of their monthly gross income in the stock market. The “Invest in Your Debt” textbook shows the typical American family how to invest this identical same 10% in their debt and be debt free in 7 years and 11 month.

Now, let’s get back to some of our original statements.

Give yourself a 46% raise, without begging your boss, starting a business or getting a second job!

The typical family spends 46% of their income on debt payments. That’s $1964 every month just to service their debts. If they completely eliminate their debt, they get to keep that 46% percent or $1964. Decreasing your expenses by 46% has the same effect as a 46% raise (in fact, it is better than the raise because your gain, $1964, is not taxable)! How much money are you wasting on debt?

Many people are very educated about investing. Because much of this education comes from conventional wisdom, many people believe it is better to invest their money in risky stocks, rather than pay off their debt. Traditionally, when analyzing an investment, one considers three factors: return, risk and taxes. People don’t realize that based on traditional invest analysis, paying off debt is actually a great investment. The typical family will get an equivalent return of...

37.13% return, guaranteed, risk-free and tax-free!

Do you know where you can get a better, more secure return than investing in your debt? I don’t know of any banker who will not take your money and stop charging you today’s exorbitant interest rates. Therefore, the debt payments (investment in your debt) are risk free and guaranteed to happen. When you pay off your debts ahead of schedule, you save a ton of money on future interest charges.

An old friend of mine, Ben Franklin said, “a penny saved is a penny earned”. The typical family will save $118,525 in interest by applying the Linear Math, Variable Path methodology as taught in the Invest In your Debt book. That’s like earning $118,525 and no one from the IRS ever comes to take a penny of it. It’s all yours free and clear. No Taxes!!! How much better can it get?

The typical family spends $1964 on debt payments each month. When they are debt free in 7 years and 11 months, they have an extra $1964 each and every month. They could choose to invest 10% of their monthly gross income in the stock market, pork bellies, oil wells, or something other than debt, but that investment would need to grow at 37.13% annual rate for 7 years and 11 months in order to pay out the same $1964 each month.

*Equivalent return achieved by the typical American family

Read Pages 181 and 182 in the “Invest in Your Debt” textbook to find out how to calculate your risk free tax-free return. The book clearly and concisely shows you how to do these calculations so that anyone can clearly understand this phenomenal concept. And what is even more amazing, the Linear Math, Variable Path methodology, commonly referred to as the IYD process, will even work for those of you who do not have any extra money in your budget. That’s right,

Read Pages 25 - 30 in the “Invest in Your Debt” textbook to find out how you can make this process work for yourself, even if you are living from paycheck to paycheck and never have any money left over at the end of the month.

This book is for middle class Americans making $50,000 and spending $55,000 or $150,000 and spending $160,000 or $25,000 and spending $30,000. They’re trying to figure out what’s wrong with this picture. They have a good job, make good money, but just can’t get ahead. Being in debt is a brand new phenomenon of the last 30 or forty years.

My grandmother never had credit cards, but lived a much better debt free, tax free lifestyle than most people do today. They didn’t even have car payments back in those days. They had the audacity to pay cash for their cars and even cash for their homes or at most they had a 5-year mortgage, not the 15, 20, or 40-year mortgages of today. Those who believe in the opportunities we have in this country; those who have followed conventional financial wisdom, have not received the promised financial rewards.

Being debt free may not be the final goal, but… for those whose financial future is not shaping up the way they want, getting completely out of debt is an alternative financial plan that can allow anyone to achieve their financial dreams! And financial freedom seems to be everyone’s financial goal. Getting out of debt for the sake of getting out of debt per se, is not the objective. Being free and securing your financial future is the real goal.

Getting up and going to work just to pay our bills is not what it’s all about. Living where we want; working when and where we want; having fun and going on vacations when and where we want, giving money to charities or the faith of our choice; not worrying about paying our bills, that is what financial freedom is about!!!! The “Invest in Your Debt” book will position you to do all the above without sacrificing your current lifestyle. You will learn how to pay off all your consumer debt in 1 to 3 years and then pay off your mortgage in another 4 to 5 years. You get to do this with all the money you have today, no second job, no living like a hermit up in the Himalayas. The book even teaches you how to celebrate and enjoy getting out of debt, because we know most people enjoyed getting into debt so let’s make sure you enjoy getting out of debt and securing your future wealth.

Other Financial Strategies

So, what about the traditional, or typical, financial strategies you have heard so much about all of your lives? You’ve heard the cliché called “conventional wisdom”. Most people approach their financial lives by following this strategy. Conventional wisdom is usually thought of as “what the smart people say”.

Here are some examples of “conventional wisdom” you may have heard of:

·         Pay yourself first!

·         Build a six-month safety net of cash.

·         Your house is your biggest asset.

·         Don’t pay off your mortgage – it’s the last tax shelter   you have left!

·         Credit cards are financial tools because you can use someone else’s money for a month.

·         You need to invest any extra money you have in your 401K, IRA, etc.

Beware; unfortunately, conventional wisdom in the financial arena often comes from people with vested interest, or a reason, for getting you to see things their way. Often their “wisdom” is shaped by the fact that they want you to buy their products (insurance, investments, real estate, etc.). Not that these folks are bad people, but their advice is biased so at the very least, it should not be accepted without question. Conventional Wisdom will not help most people achieve TRUE Financial Freedom. The millionaires next door DO NOT follow conventional wisdom.

Read Pages 6 -11 to find out why: True Financial Freedom can never be achieved by paying 3 or 4 or 10 or 20 times more than you need to.

True Financial Freedom is about owning not buying. And it’s not about just owning “stuff”. True Financial Freedom is achieved when you own your life, your time and your future!

Unless you rid yourself of your largest expense, debt, you will never achieve True Financial Freedom!


Tom Stanley and Bill Danko, in their book, “The Millionaire Next Door”, researched, and clearly demonstrated that the smart people in our society, the people who have accumulated a million dollars or more of wealth, have the audacity to own their own cars, to own their own homes and to own their lives. They are the ones who have achieved true financial freedom. And if you think you own your own home, skip two mortgages payments and you will quickly find our who really owns your house, and it’s not you!!!


In the “Invest in Your Debt” textbook you will discover how to eliminate all debt. You will learn how to get rid of all your consumer debt (credit cards, car payments, student loans, etc.) in 1 to 3 years and then get rid of your 30-year mortgage in another 4 to 5 years. You will see you can do this on the income you make today; you don’t need a second job, you don’t need to live like a hermit in the Himalayas. With the IYD process, you get to have fun and enjoy life while you invest in your debt.

Read Pages 170 - 171 to find out how to quickly get out of debt and then use the IYD process to build three times the wealth that conventional wisdom could possibly promise.

You will see throughout this book many instances where we compare conventional wisdom to IYD thinking. It is important to study these contrasts to better understand what you can do to stay on track for your goals while avoiding detours and the many dead ends of credit and debt.

Before we show you the IYD contrasts to Conventional Wisdom, we’ll share with you a portion of an email we received from Ursula F. She clearly demonstrates how opening her mind to a different perspective from Conventional Wisdom accelerated her journey to True Financial Freedom.

Saved $25,000

“I’ve never had a problem with uncontrollable debt, but my sister has had her whole life. At least 4 occasions over the past 30 years, I employed the same method you teach to rid her of debt, but obviously, lessons learned have not been retained. But this time hearing it from someone else and seeing the statistics on how much money the credit card companies are taking from people, she will not fall back to her past habits. However, in her case, using credit cards and spending is an addiction that she will need to control every day. She is on her way, but has a long way to go.

The reason I am writing, though, is to give you my story. I don’t have credit card debt, and as I mentioned, I utilized your same method in the past. However, I never thought to apply it to long-term debt. I always figured you would always have a housing payment and a car payment. Your methods made me turn around and look at things differently. In seven months, I have paid off 3 loans that had 2 more years each to run; two vehicle loans and a home equity loan for a pool addition.

We had already refinanced our mortgage 3 years ago down to 15 years and I had plans of reducing that to 10 years, but now we will begin paying that down early next year and will plan to pay it off 3-1/2 years from now. Overall, we will save approximately $25,000 in interest.

You never know what life brings you, but I’m making plans and hoping for the best. Thanks for your insight; you’ve made a difference in mine and my husband’s lives.”

Ursula F


Without the different perspective to Conventional Wisdom presented in the “Invest in Your Debt” textbook, Ursula and her husband were living an above  an above average financial life. However, with the IYD teachings, they are now on their way to True Financial Freedom, not just keeping up with the Jones’s


IYD’s True Wisdom Contrasts with Conventional Wisdom:

·         Pay your banker first.

·         If you don’t have a six-month safety net by now, forget about the safety net until you are debt free. Besides the IYD process builds a small safety net for you automatically, whether you want it or not.

·         Your house is your biggest liability (until you pay it off!).

·         The mortgage tax deduction is the worst reason in the world to keep your mortgage.

·         Credit cards always cost you more than cash.

·         The first step in investing is to invest any extra money you have in your debt and get the 37.13% return*, risk free and tax-free!

·         Once debt has been eliminated, then invest and max out your 401K, IRA, mutual funds, etc., with the money you used to be wasting on debt.

You can see that “Invest in Your Debt” is a very different approach to your financial solution than conventional wisdom. We believe conventional wisdom, especially about debt, needs to be changed. Consumer debt is still a relatively new phenomenon of the last 40 years. We only now have the second generation of credit users hitting the market.

Conventional wisdom has not taken consumer debt into account.

Our grandparents didn’t have credit cards. They bought their “stuff” with cash. If they didn’t have the cash, they waited and saved until they did. They usually didn’t even have a mortgage, or if they did, it was for 5 years or less. Yet today our kid’s graduate from high school and college not knowing that credit cards aren’t “free money”. They don’t realize that making minimum payments can stretch your payments out 30 years or more.

“Invest in Your Debt” is unique and different from any other debt management/elimination or financial self-help book you may have read!

The information in the books represents tried and true methods and strategies. “Invest in Your Debt” represents the best of the best. What we teach has been compiled from the best teachings from the best debt elimination teachers in the world today. It is the financial plan we ourselves follow...

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Take the quiz on Page 175 to find out where debt is in your life.

Then Read Pages 48 - 69 and find out how the spend smart factor can dramatically accelerate your IYD process.

Read Pages 70 - 86 to find out how to handle emergency situations while living 100% on cash.

Read Page 104 to find out why credit cards cause you to spend twice as much, even when you pay them off at the end of the month.

Read Pages 114 -117 to find out why it takes forever to pay off a credit card balance following the traditional banking rules of payment.

Read Pages 122 -150 to find out why a mortgage is really a “death grip”; that your interest rate is more like 67% not 6 or 7 percent; and why the mortgage tax deduction is really a shame designed to keep you in debt forever.

Read Pages 165 -167 to find out when you will be a millionaire by following the IYD process. The “Invest in Your Debt” textbook does more than tell you what to do; it shows you and teaches how to do it!!!

Here is what Bill Keenan, one of the authors of “Invest in Your Debt”, tells us about his road to Financial Freedom...

Could Not Save Money

“Like most people, my family and I tried to get ahead financially. We had followed the conventional wisdom of getting a good education, getting a good job and working hard. Yet we weren’t able to save and invest money for the future as we knew we should and I couldn’t figure out why. I had always believed that to get ahead financially, all you needed to do was make more money. Our income did rise over the years, but our expenses rose as well. Regardless of income, we never had any money left over at the end of the month so we couldn’t find the extra money to save and invest. When I saw the power of debt elimination, I realized most people could achieve their financial goals, with their current income by eliminating their debt.”

Bill Keenan

Bill and his family began to put the debt free plan to work in their own lives. In 14 months, they eliminated $28,000 of consumer debt including credit cards, home equity loans and car loans. After taking a wonderful trip (paid for with cash!), they began to attack the mortgage. By following the get completely out of debt plan the Keenan family will be debt free in May of 2005, 18 years and 9 months sooner than if they had followed conventional wisdom.

This debt elimination method has changed Bill’s life. And it can change yours too!

We actually teach a practical method for financial success, which begins with eliminating your debt instead of simply preaching about the benefits.

“Invest in Your Debt” can improve the quality of your life. But an added benefit is that you can help to improve the quality of the lives of your friends and family members by encouraging them to also Invest in their debt. Pastor James J. of Hornell, NY did just that.

It Works for Everyone

“Your textbook has changed my lifestyle! I no longer buy material things that I really don’t need. I no longer am quick to use my credit card. I use cash. I stay away from malls and impulsive buying just because of a “sale”. I’ve paid off two credit cards and am working on the last one.

Not only has it helped me bring balance and peace to my life, but also it has enabled me to help some of my people. I’ve been able to counsel about a dozen people in my parish and as a military chaplain. I’ve taught them which bills to pay off first and the how’s and why’s. One woman said that she froze her credit card in a glass of water so that she would only use it in an emergency. Another woman used your advice and reallocated her savings and stocks. And yet another said that her fear of being in debt forever has turned into hope because of the tools you shared with us.

Finances touch all of our lives. Thank you for helping us and giving us direction and guidance in this important area.

I would recommend this program to other pastors and parishes. I think couples preparing for marriage should read this information. This program has helped my parishioners to not only pay their debts, but tithe to the parish. What a blessing this program has been to me, my people and to God’s needy!”

Pastor James J.

The “Invest in Your Debt” textbook will show you how to avoid a debt disaster. Learn to pay off all your Consumer Debt: your car loans, your home equity loans and even your student loans in 1-3 years. Then you will learn how to pay off your 30-year mortgage in another 3-5 years. This book will show you how to do this with your current income. No second job and no living like a hermit up in the Himalayas. Once you are finished investing in your debt, you will be in a position to take the money you had been wasting on debt and Build Real Wealth and Achieve True Financial Freedom.

In this book, you will find the secrets to wealth accumulation that only the Millionaires Next Door understand. You will discover why 96% of the people never achieve financial freedom by following conventional thinking. As long as you have compound interest working against you, it is nearly impossible to become financially independent. However, the path to True Financial Freedom is through your debts. If you first Invest in Your Debt, get a guaranteed, risk-free, tax-free return of 37.13%*, then you really have compound interest work for you and you alone, not the credit card companies, car dealers, mortgage companies and all the other entities that are draining your wealth from you.

What plan do you have to achieve true financial freedom? You too can be the millionaire next door, but if you do what you’ve always done you will get what you always got. You need to start a financial plan that really works.

“Invest in Your Debt” is your last chance to truly achieve and live the life you have always dreamed about…Debt-free, Stress-free and Wealthy.


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Before you send any more payments to your creditors,

”Invest in Your Debt”

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