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Seminar Leaders Wanted

If you are a professional speaker or want to become one and you would like to increase your income potential, visit our Career Opportunities page for more information.


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IYD Seminar Leaders

We have more than 30 active seminar leaders all across the country specializing in debt reduction continuing education.  With a wide range of backgrounds, we have used the expertise of everyone to constantly improve our seminars.  The seminar leaders below have the most experience and most active seminar schedules.  We invite you to meet the best of the best.

First of all, we would like you to meet Margie Hudson, our IYD Coordinator.  Margie, keeps everything going in the office while everyone is out getting the planet debt free.  She started shipping for the company five years ago and now has taken over bookkeeping and coordinating for all the different areas of the company.  Her most important and rewarding job is the one-on-one interaction with all of the Seminar Leaders and clients across the country.

Margie not only works for IYD but she has learned to live what we teach.  When she started with IYD she was in over her head with credit card debt.  She worked to get that paid off and now only has her house payment.  Buy using the Mvelopes system she has put herself on a spending plan and is working toward a debt free life.

Margie feels that IYD has changed her life and now she wants to share in the mission by keeping IYD running smoothly.

Dave Ireland 
  Austin, Texas

E. G. Frank
  Raleigh, North Carolina

Blanchard Warren
  Medfield, Massachusetts

Bryan Hoover
  Harrisbrug, Pennslyvania

Ray Goss
  Indiana, Pennsylvania

Steve Coccia
  Seattle, Washington

Robert Allen
  Waco, Texas

Basil Watson
  New York, New York

Dave Westwood
  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Keith Robert Phildius
  Dallas, Texas

Bill Keenan
  Minneapolis, Minnesota

Carl Lang
  Andover, New Jersey

Steve Hamilton
  Marlvern, Pennsylvania

Marva V. Frasier
  Dumont, New Jersey

Lisa Taricco
  Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

Bob Marette
  Denver, Colorado

Danny de Pierson
  Los Angeles, California

George Lucke
  Knoxville, Tennessee



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