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Steve Hamilton

Steve Hamilton

I am an entrepreneur that has owned 6 debt free businesses in the last 25 years.  At 25 years of age, I founded a marketing company that employed 100 people and was considered one of the very best in the industry.  From there, I moved onto other areas of business ranging from sports promotion to landscape design.

Although my adult working life has been spent in various businesses, my main interest has been studying eastern techniques of meditation.  I have been teaching and practicing Transcendental Meditation, a holistic program of Yoga, for the past 33 years.  TM along with a one-pointed belief in God has always provided me with the courage to change.  However, despite my dedication to right living, I have struggled with life's obstacles like everyone else.  At 23, I was told life should be easy and comfortable, and that all life's problems resulted from a lack of knowledge; that mistakes and suffering are just the reaction to an action which falls short of it's intended purpose. As with all actions, it's purpose being the expansion of happiness.

Four years ago, I attended Invest In Your Debt  given by Greg Frank. I had no debt at the time.  In fact, I owned my life and had a mutual fund portfolio in the 6 figures.  I attended with a friend who had $30,000 of credit card debt.  About 15 minutes into the seminar, I looked at my friend and whispered, "this is the truth."   

After the seminar, I asked Greg how I could get involved.  A year later, I was teaching this seminar in adult education programs from Maine to Virginia.  Ironically, my life changed shortly after beginning my new journey.  One of life's tragedies took my wealth.  You know what?  I had no fear.  With this program, I was confident I would be debt free again in short order.  Today, I am working the Invest In Your Debt program like everyone I teach.  I have become my best student.

The purpose of any technique is to make life easier.  A technique should enable one to do less and accomplish more.  The Invest In Your Debt program fills this criterion.  It explains the problem and offers a powerful solution.  In my opinion, Invest In Your Debt is the only program that fundamentally builds wealth while simultaneously eliminating debt.  It enables one to use power in their financial lives, producing the greatest results with the least amount of effort.  Invest In Your Debt is financial efficiency in action, every action fulfilling it's intended purpose. ELIMINATE YOUR DEBT! LIVE FREE! BE HAPPY!  I hope to see you all in a seminar soon.  





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