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--"I could do that."

All of us, at one time or another, were attending a seminar and thought to ourselves that we could do that.  If you would like to join us on our humble mission of ridding the planet of debt, we are looking for you.  Visit our Career Opportunities page for more information. 






  IYD Seminar Leaders

Dave Ireland

Dave Ireland

Dave retired as an Eastman Kodak Executive in 1992.  His background is in Engineering and Finance.  He holds an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Accounting.  He has been a Professional Speaker and Seminar Leader since 1994.  Dave is the author of many articles on personal finance and the co-author of Invest In Your Debt, Get a 37.13% Return, Risk Free, Guaranteed, Net of Taxes.

Currently, he is the co-founder, President and CEO of IYD, Incorporated, a Austin, Texas Financial Education Company.  Dave travels around the country sharing with people what he calls "The Great American Debt Opportunity."  He lives in Austin Texas with his wife Diane.

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Keith Robert Phildius

In 1997, Keith Phildius was approximately $106,000 in debt.  "How did I get to this point so quickly?" he would think to himself.  "What I am going to do?"  His story is not the typical debt accumulation story because he actually started his adult life with an amount of money that could have secured his retirement needs.

When Keith's father passed away in 1990 due to cancer, he received a sizable inheritance including a property in North Carolina.  Within a short amount of time the money was basically gone, he was $28,000 in debt with a mortgage in his name as well.  When his tenants moved out and the house sat empty for 3 months, he knew something had to change.  It was around that time that he met Dave Ireland and was exposed to a debt elimination philosophy that would change his life.

Once he learned and implemented the strategies into his own life, he knew he wanted to share this powerful information with as many people as possible.  He trained to become a certified seminar leader and worked to build his own seminar business. 

Keith holds a Undergraduate Degree of Business Administration from Midwestern State University and speaks all over the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex at such institutions as Southern Methodist University (SMU) ,Texas Christian University (TCU), and Baylor University.  He also regularly speaks in Houston, Louisiana, and New Mexico.

In addition he speaks at corporations, associations, churches, and helps to train other seminar leaders nationally.  Keith also works with people individually as a debt elimination consultant.  For updates by Keith, go to the SL Blogs area.

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Blanchard Warren

Blanchard Warren

Blanchard Warren, a Certified Seminar Leader (CSL), is the owner of Debts to Wealth.  Since 1997 he has offered the Invest In Your Debt workshop.  The workshop outlines the benefits of investing in one's first-before saving or investing.  For the typical American family, this means a 37.13% guaranteed return-based on an equivalent return if invested in traditional investments.  Participants learn how this approach is the best path to true financial independence. 

Blanchard is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.  His back-ground includes being a management consultant and a business owner. 

While most of his workshops are in the adult education programs of colleges and high schools, he can adapt his program for companies, churches and organizations.  To find out more information, go to www.debtstowealth.com.

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Bill Keenan

Bill Keenan

In 1997, Bill and his wife attended a debt elimination seminar that forever changed his views on financial success.  After implementing cash flow management and debt free strategies in his life, Bill discovered he was passionate about the subject and began teaching seminars and writing books.  In 1998, this Notre Dame graduate founded Financial Health so he could reach as many people as possible with the unique message of financial opportunity and hope offered through cash flow management and debt elimination.

Bill Keenan describes the adult education seminar on debt elimination he attended in 1997 as an epiphany.  "Like most people, my family and I had followed the conventional wisdom of getting a good education, getting a good job and working hard.  Yet we weren't able to save and invest the amount of money we needed and I couldn't figure out why.  I always believed that to get ahead financially, all you needed to do was make more money.  We were fortunate that our income did rise over the years, but our expenses rose as well.  Regardless of income, we never had any money left over at the end of the month so we couldn't find extra money to save and invest.  When I saw the power of cash flow management and debt elimination I realized people could achieve their financial goals WITH NO INCREASE IN INCOME!"

Keenan began his teaching mission because he realized that conventional financial wisdom wasn't working for his family nor for most Americans.  He has taught thousands of typical Americans how to succeed financially, regardless of income, by managing cash flow and investing in their debt.  Today Bill Keenan is an accomplished professional seminar leader and author, who has conducted seminars in corporations (3M, Honeywell, etc.), schools and churches across North America.  His classes have been featured on the NBC TV station KARE 11, written about in the Minneapolis Star and Tribune newspaper, and featured on radio stations across the state of Minnesota.

Keenan began writing in order to reach more people with his message of financial hope and opportunity.  He wrote Spend Smart, Creating Wealth even with no Room in your Budget to help people manage cash flow and end the month with extra money.  With Dave Ireland, he co-wrote Invest In Your Debt.  In 1998, he founded Financial Health in order to train more people to help to seminars.  Today, through IYD, Incorporated, hundreds of certified seminar leaders teach these life-changing seminars across the country.  Hundreds of thousands of people have been taught these winning financial strategies.

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E.G. Frank

Greg Frank knows first hand the pain and vulnerability caused by being overburdened with debt.  He has survived two debt disasters that resulted from sudden and unexpected losses of income and resulted in bankruptcy, divorce and spiritual crisis.  Greg readily admits to making many poor money decisions because he, despite being college educated, articulate & intelligent, was just plain stupid when it came to money.  Why?  Like most people, Greg never received a proper financial education.

Frustrated by his lack of financial success, in 1994 Greg took a home study course on debt elimination.  He describes that course an epiphany.  "I learned more about money and debt in one night, than I had learned in my entire life up to that point.  I saw through the illusions that how much we earn determines our financial health and that credit is good for our finances.  I realized that consumerism and the monthly payment mentality were traps that cause most people to spend 25% to 30% of their lifetime income paying compound interest on their debts while robbing them of their ability to retire."

That course left Greg profoundly changed.  As he became more financially literate and his life began changing in positive new directions, Greg started sharing the message of debt elimination in adult education classes.  In 1997, Greg formed Debt Free Solutions and over the next several years conducted hundreds of workshops across America, teaching thousands of typical families how they could become financially successful, regardless of income.

He reached thousands more by co-authoring Invest In Your Debt and writing a monthly column for the Road to Financial Freedom newsletter published by his friend and associate, Bill Keenan, president of Financial Health and author of Spend Smart

In 2002 Greg merged his efforts with that of IYD, Inc.  In his present role of Senior Financial Coach, Greg trains and oversees dozens of seminar leaders who teach these life changing principles nationwide, sharing a common mission to create a debt free America.  While he still loves presenting seminars, Greg's focus has shifted towards one-on-one work, helping individuals and families become financially free through the administration of coaching programs and services such as Automatic Debt Elimination (ADE).

Most recently, Greg relocated his mission to North Carolina where, with the help of his wife Nancy, he opened the state's first Financial Freedom Coaching Center.  His current plans include writing a book and establishing Financial Freedom Centers throughout North Carolina, and eventually, nationwide.

Greg feels incredibly blessed to share in the IYD mission.  "I am truly grateful for the opportunity to be rewarded for doing something I love.  I enjoy it so much I can't even call it work.  The gratification and sense of accomplishment I derive from truly making a difference in peoples' lives is indescribable."

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Carl LangCarl Lang

After attending a debt elimination class in the fall of 1994, Carl Lang's financial life changed dramatically.  Seeing that he could be completely out of debt in 4 years and 3 months, came as a pleasant surprise considering that his current time left on his mortgage was 18 and half years.  He was so excited and felt this system should be brought to the masses.  So in the spring of 1995 he formed Group 4 Financial Freedom.  Since that time he has been teaching this system to thousands of people and has conducted hundreds of workshops throughout the U.S. in the corporate and adult education community.  He has had bankers, tax people, CPAs, lawyers, car dealers, nurses, insurance agents, accountants, you name them, he's had them.  Not one person has ever found fault with the program--IT DOES WORK!  "This is the first job that I've ever had that is so rewarding." says Lang.  "This is truly a work of love.  The letters of success from past students make this the ultimate gratification of a job well done."

As a professional seminar leader, author, and motivational speaker, Carl hopes to continue his work for many years to come, teaching people winning financial strategies.  Today he mainly focuses programs in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware although he still does programs on request in other parts of the country. 

Carl is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin with a B.S. and M.S. degree in communications and has taken advanced studies towards his Doctorate from N.C. State University.  His background in Marketing and Advertising has helped in his understanding the plight of American families in today's financial troubled times.  For more information contact:

Group 4 Financial Freedom, 16 Hemlock Road, Suite 888, Andover, NJ  973.786.6809

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Danny de Pierson  "West Coast Bureau Chief"

It's Not About How Much Money You Make
It's About How Much Money You Keep!

After a 29 year career in radio in sales and in sales management, I found myself continuing to make poor decisions regarding money.  I just did not manage my income and my bills in a way that was best for me.  It seemed like I just kept paying bill, after bill, after bill and not getting anywhere fast financially. 

During the winter of 2002 however, I did two things that changed my financial life.  I attended an Invest In Your Debt seminar and then I read the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad".  This financial daily double completely changed the way I looked at and handled my finances. 

Since 2003 I have been virtually free of all consumer debt and am now able to give back to my family and to those who supported me throughout my career.

Speaking with Dave following the seminar convinced me to join the team and start showing people how to recapture control of their financial lives and put themselves on the road to financial freedom.

For additional information, please contact Danny at 323-924-7362 or via e-Mail, Danny@investinyourdebt.com

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Bob Marette

President of the Financial Health Fair and a recognized financial planning expert, Bob Marette has been featured in the Rocky Mountain News and the Denver Christian News. He is the author of the book, �From a Millstone to a Milestone,� and has made several guest appearances on Christian radio and TV talk shows discussing personal finances. Now, along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, you can hear Bob daily on the new radio program, �Out of Debt with Bob Marette.�

Bob conducts half-day workshops entitled, �How to Get Out of Debt in 5 � 7 Years, Including Mortgage� to churches and businesses across the country, to MOPS groups, in continuing education settings, and to any who will listen. His goal is �to bring the LIGHT OF HOPE to the darkness of debt� to people all over Colorado and around the U.S.

Bob has been a financial counselor since 1980 and holds degrees in Business and Mathematics.

He is married to Deborah, his bride of 34 years, and they have two married children and three grandchildren. They enjoy camping, traveling, and golf.

He can be reached at www.financialhealthfair.org

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Basil Watson

The largest obstacle between most people and financial success is debt.  Contrary to popular belief, being in debt, and living paycheck to paycheck does not have to be your way in life.  The trouble is, I didn�t know it.  I was constantly huffing and puffing to pay the next bill and wondering why the circumstances never changed.  Then one day I came across an adult education booklet with this uniquely titled cover �Invest in Your Debt.�  The title so piqued my interest that I immediately enrolled. 

 Judging from the response of the class it was amazing to see how financially entangled people were in debt, including myself.  So I invited the instructor out for a cup of tea to see how to become involved in this life-changing endeavor.  As faith would have it, the captivating title appeared again a few days later.  I was in New York City and picked up a copy of a catalogue from The Learning Annex.  As I flipped through its pages, my eyes were in disbelief.  On one page was an advertisement reading �Invest in Your Debt � avoid a credit disaster and owe nothing, presented by Dave Ireland founder and president of IND Inc.�  I called the Annex and secured my space for $68.91.  This was the easiest, most life changing financial investment I ever made. 

While watching Dave�s presentation and visiting with him in his �make shift office� (as he refers to it) at the break, the desire kindled within me.  I wanted to be a part of this revolution then and there.  It has started me on the road of total debt elimination, and a new way of life.  Dave helped me to being and I would like to help you to begin. 

I still huff and puff a little.  However the scenery (paying off my debt fast, I mean really fast) has changed � big time. 

Our mission is about helping people have a successful journey through life, living without debt. 


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Ray Goss

Ray started his career in the radio business.  As well as being an on-air deejay, newscaster, sports announcer, general manager, he was most recently co-owner of 1160 WCCS in Homer City, Pennsylvania.  Currently he free lances as a play-by-play sportscaster including Duquesne basketball in Pittsburgh for the past 35 years. 

He started his teaching at IUP, Indiana, PA in 1986 where he taught 2 semesters Radio Production.  He started his debt elimination studies in 2000 and began teaching Invest In Your Debt and Spend Smart courses at numerous locations in September, 2000.  Since then he has taught over a 100 seminars.

Ray is married to Dee Goss and is a father of 7 children ranging in age from 27 to 42 who have given him 7 grandchildren thus far.  Ray say, " I have a wealth of experience with regard to finances because of a large family that adds credibility to my seminars."

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George Lucke

George Lucke is an author, seminar presenter, and the executive director of Back Into Black, Inc., a financial service dedicated to helping people break free from the burden of debt. Mr. Lucke is not a broker and does not sell investments, insurance or mortgages. Instead, he is devoted to teaching people how to get completely out of debt, spend smarter and save money. George follows the concepts he teaches, and has used the Back into Black system to eliminate over $265,000 of debt in his own life.

George Lucke has been conducting Back into Black seminars and private consultations since 1995. Back into Black seminars have been presented in universities and community colleges throughout the Southeast, which include Auburn University, Emory University, Kentucky State University, University of Southern Indiana, University of Richmond, University of South Carolina and The University of Tennessee. Back into Black has also been presented to both local and national businesses, and includes Avery Dennison, Ford Motor Company, McKee Foods, Ross The Boss and Y-12 Federal Credit Union. Mr. Lucke has presented government sponsored presentations for city and state employees in Franklin, Tennessee and Frankfort, Kentucky.

George also specializes in working one-on-one with people to show them how they can automatically eliminate all of their debt in the shortest possible time, and without harming their credit rating.  For more information you can contact George by emailing him: george@backintoblack.com.



Dave Westwood

After a failed business that caused personal financial problems, Dave Westwood realized that he never wanted to deal with the mental and emotional pain associated with those problems again. It was at this time, he found the �Invest In Your Debt� program.

After applying the principles in the program, Dave realized that he wanted to help others avoid the same pitfalls he went through. He founded Debt Free Earth, a company dedicated to helping individuals and families eliminate all their personal debt. In addition to providing personalized financial counseling, Debt Free Earth teaches seminars for schools, churches and corporations throughout the Northeast. You can email Dave at dave@debtfreeearth.com or call (610) 572-2400.

Dave resides in the suburban Philadelphia area with his wife, Kim and their son Joshua. In addition to running Debt Free Earth, Dave is involved with several organizations in his church and the community.

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Marva V. Frasier

Marva attended the Invest In Your Debt Seminar at Bergen Community College, presented by Carl Lang, March 2003.  She recognized this is a simple yet effective debt elimination method.  Marva states, "Invest in Your Debt works if you work it."  Invest in Your Debt enabled her to pay off one credit card within eight months and project to complete the remaining debt (a credit card and car loan) in two years.  Marva was so excited about this powerful financial seminar, she taught the Invest in Your Debt method at a Women's Conference in October 2003 at the Sheraton Hotel in Newark, NJ.

In July 2004, Marva completed her formal training under Greg Frank, co-author of the Invest in Your Debt textbook, and officially became a Certified Seminar Leader.  Marva specializes in conducting seminars for women conferences, and social service organizations.  However, she is available to conduct the seminar at other venues such as colleges, corporations, and religious organizations.

Marva graduated from Adelphi University, Garden City, NY; B.A. Degree in Psychology.  In addition, she is a graduate from Howard University, Washington D.C. with a Master's in Social Work.  Currently, Marva is a New Jersey State Licensed Social Worker (LSW).

For more information contact:  Marva V. Frasier at 201.218.6665 or e-mail: Marvadebtfree@aol.com

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Steve Hamilton

Steve Hamilton

I am an entrepreneur that has owned 6 debt free businesses in the last 25 years.  At 25 years of age, I founded a marketing company that employed 100 people and was considered one of the very best in the industry.  From there, I moved onto other areas of business ranging from sports promotion to landscape design.

Although my adult working life has been spent in various businesses, my main interest has been studying eastern techniques of meditation.  I have been teaching and practicing Transcendental Meditation, a holistic program of Yoga, for the past 33 years.  TM along with a one-pointed belief in God has always provided me with the courage to change.  However, despite my dedication to right living, I have struggled with life's obstacles like everyone else.  At 23, I was told life should be easy and comfortable, and that all life's problems resulted from a lack of knowledge; that mistakes and suffering are just the reaction to an action which falls short of it's intended purpose. As with all actions, it's purpose being the expansion of happiness.

Four years ago, I attended Invest In Your Debt  given by Greg Frank. I had no debt at the time.  In fact, I owned my life and had a mutual fund portfolio in the 6 figures.  I attended with a friend who had $30,000 of credit card debt.  About 15 minutes into the seminar, I looked at my friend and whispered, "this is the truth."   

After the seminar, I asked Greg how I could get involved.  A year later, I was teaching this seminar in adult education programs from Maine to Virginia.  Ironically, my life changed shortly after beginning my new journey.  One of life's tragedies took my wealth.  You know what?  I had no fear.  With this program, I was confident I would be debt free again in short order.  Today, I am working the Invest In Your Debt program like everyone I teach.  I have become my best student.

The purpose of any technique is to make life easier.  A technique should enable one to do less and accomplish more.  The Invest In Your Debt program fills this criterion.  It explains the problem and offers a powerful solution.  In my opinion, Invest In Your Debt is the only program that fundamentally builds wealth while simultaneously eliminating debt.  It enables one to use power in their financial lives, producing the greatest results with the least amount of effort.  Invest In Your Debt is financial efficiency in action, every action fulfilling it's intended purpose. ELIMINATE YOUR DEBT! LIVE FREE! BE HAPPY!  I hope to see you all in a seminar soon.   



Bryan Hoover

Bryan Hoover is the owner of Keystone Credit Solutions, LLC. He offers the Invest in Your Debt workshop and ADE analysis as an important part of his company. Bryan is a member of the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education. A nonprofit, professional organization dedicated to educating, training, and certifying financial counselors and educators. He is a Certified Personal Finance Counselor through the Institute for Financial Certifications, a Certified Credit Report Reviewer through the Institute of Consumer Financial Education and a Certified Credit Consultant through the Credit Consultants Association..

Keystone Credit Solutions is based in Harrisburg, PA and serves clients locally, throughout the state of Pennsylvania and across the country. .

To learn more about us visit www.keystonecreditsolutions.com or call 855 KCS-HELP today.


Steve Coccia

In 2000 just prior to my 50th birthday, I was thinking about a career change and applied for a position that would have given me a nice salary increase.  I figured that increases would take care of the debt we had accumulated.  It was a bit overwhelming to say the least.  How in the world did we get ourselves $30,000 dollars in debt, excluding our mortgage.  Needless to say it was all credit cards.  We didn't have car payments but we had serious debt.  It didn't really matter at this point who was responsible for it, we both contributed to it in one way or another.  The new job didn't materialize and we needed a plan of action to get rid of this debt or there would be NO RETIREMENT for either one of us.  My wife had recalled seeing a class about debt elimination in a catalog from a local school that teaches personal enrichment and life long learning in the evenings, so we signed up.

We arrived early, checked in and sat down and began reviewing the text book and work book.  What we saw in the book made perfectly good sense and in fact, it seemed too simple.  Once the class started and we were being shown how the process worked and how rapidly one could eliminate their debt, it was a "no brainer." The thing that really hit home and "turned the light on" was when another student in the class asked if she should keep depositing money to her savings account.  I was doing the same thing of paying 15% or higher interest on credit cards and wondering if it was okay to continue having money go into my savings account.  Then the instructor pointed out how it was costing more in the long run and perhaps the monthly savings could be used to help pay off our debt quicker.

That was the moment we decided to make a change in our financial lives.  We could not believe how simple the process seemed.  We agreed to sit down and look at our numbers and made the choice to change our financial situation.  I said we made "the choice" because that is exactly what it is, a choice.  I mentioned earlier that I was just about to turn 50 and I have virtually no retirement savings at all.  I knew that debt had to go first if there was going to be any chance of me retiring.  We followed the IYD process down to the penny.  We took part-time jobs during the summer months and used the money to help accelerate our debt pay off.  (Actually working part time for a professional baseball team as a seating host isn't a job, especially if you are a baseball fan like we are.)  It took us about 2 1/2 to 3 years to eliminate our credit card debt.  It feels good to have that big old gorilla of debt off our backs.

We still have a way to go until retirement, but we now have a clear path to save for it.  We recently took a vacation to Hawaii, and it was a great feeling to be able to pay CASH and even have some left over when we got home and we put that back in to savings.

Steve lives in Seattle, WA and has been teaching on a part time basis since 2002.  He teaches at 2 community colleges in the Seattle area.  He has also taught classes in Alaska, Arizona, California and Idaho for a credit union with several thousand members spread over the West Coast.  He is expanding his seminars in the corporate arena to companies of all sizes and also conducts one-on-one consulting.

A quote I use in my seminars sums it all up. "If you don't want your financial future to be the same as your financial past, then you have to make different choices.  IYD is the best opportunity one will have to accomplish this."

To reach Steve to speak at your school or business or for more information, please email him at: debteducation@comcast.net


Robert Allen

At about the age of 58, I realized my debts were continuing to mount; yet my income was not increasing at the same time.  There was a gnawing discomfort in my stomach each month as I tried to stretch every penny I had to pay my bills.  Retirement seemed impossible and I had a distinct fear of leaving my wife and sons with a large debt load.

I saw the course listing for Invest In Your Debt in the Continuing Education brochure for Baylor University, where I continue to be a financial aid administrator.  I chuckled when I read the course description.  To say that I was skeptical is a gross understatement.  I reluctantly enrolled.  Keith Phildius taught the 3-hour course that Saturday with a calm, matter-of-fact manner.  I understood.  My reluctance and skepticism changed to a mild sense of relief.  I bought the Invest In Your Debt and Spend Smart books.

Over the next several days I read the IYD book twice.  The first time I read rather quickly reinforcing the concepts as I understood them from the class.  The second time I read with a highlighter and note pad at hand.  The mild sense of relief I had felt as I left the class turned to exhilaration as I realized how effective this "linear math, variable path" program would be.  I have not been disappointed.

Having taught for over thirty years in one way or another, (flight and classroom instructor in the US Marine Corps, classical guitar at 4 colleges and universities) I knew quickly this was something I had to share with other people.  I went to Pittsburgh and became a Certified Seminar Leader.  I am proud to share this concept with others, helping them as I was helped.

It is gratifying to encounter people six months or a year after they attended my seminar and hear the deep joy in their voices as they tell me of the progress they've made.  Comments such as the few below are common on evaluation sheets:

  • "Outstanding.  Gave me hope, light at the end of the tunnel." Eddie-Killeen, TX
  • "The presenter was well organized, spoke clearly and concisely.  He gave good examples.  I really wondered if the advertisement was another scheme.  But I really feel the Invest In Your Debt program will work for me.  I can't wait to get home and started on my 'invest in my debts.' Thank you!" Claudia-Eddy, TX

You can contact me to arrange seminars for adult education programs, churches, businesses, study clubs, etc., by email at rallenseminars@yahoo.com or phone at 254-754-4906.  Give me a call and let's solve some problems together.

Robert Allen Seminars - Making a Difference in People's Lives


Lisa Taricco

Lisa Taricco attended the Invest in Your Debt Seminar, with her husband, at Assabet Valley Center for Continuing Education, presented by Blanchard Warren in 2004.  She found the seminar so beneficial, that she contacted Mr. Warren and asked if he would be interested in teaching the seminar at her work.  Twenty-three people attended and all agreed that the course was great. 

Invest in Your Debt has enabled Lisa to pay off her credit cards and her families� two car loans within eight months.  In addition, she and her husband have now purchased a vacation home that they will use for themselves as well as for rental income.  By keeping on track with the Invest in Your Debt program, Lisa will be debt-free of all mortgages in 12 years, rather than 30.

The program has worked so well for her and my family; she decided that this was something that she also wanted to teach others so that they could benefit from the powerful program.

In August of 2005, Lisa completed her formal training under Greg Frank, co-author of the Invest in Your Debt textbook, and officially became a Certified Seminar Leader.  She will be teaching this financial seminar at the Night Life Adult Education Program through the Worcester Public School system.  She is also available to conduct the seminar at other venues such as home demonstrations, colleges, corporations, libraries, and churches.

Lisa graduated from Newbury College in Brookline, MA with an A.S. in Computer Applications and B.S. in Computer Management and Support.  She is a full-time manager of a computer department in a large pharmaceutical company.  She is available to conduct seminars in the evening in order to better fit other full-time individual�s busy schedules.

For more information contact:  Lisa M. Taricco at 508-842-1717 or e-mail: iyd@townisp.com


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